5 Techniques To Create Authority Backlinks For Bloggers

As a blogger, you already know the value of the authority backlinks. It is a game changer for every website. If you want your website on the top of the search result, you have to create the backlinks, which have high authority. However, after the google algorithm update it becomes more difficult to get the authority backlinks for your website to rank. Google webmaster give you the option to check, who is linking to you and how is your links. It is very important to analyse the links because some website that you unknowingly build the links. That will kill your website ranking.

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How to get the authority backlinks?

By creating the unique and very useful content. Creating a very useful content will help your visitor to solve their problem can give you the authority backlinks. Useful content that are so unique force the other quality website to link to it. That how you can get a link to your website and rank higher.

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Why people link to other sites?

As per the study of over 2000 website. Website use external links to on under these circumstances :

1. To make their content more informational.
2. Using examples
3. To add the useful resources
4. Sharing something that will help them to correlate with the content
5. To build the SEO by linking to the other website.
6. Using infographics

In short people link to other website to increase the trustworthy of their website and increase their viewership. Therefore, if you want to create a authority backlinks you have to create a super useful content that everybody on your industry want to link to your website.

Here are some techniques to get authority backinks : 

1. Use Infographics

Using of infographics like images videos helps you to increase the the engagement in your content. As per the survey, the visual content is more likable to remember than any other content. You can use canva and any other tools to create an infographics.

2. Use original data and research

Using the data and research helps you to engage the audience in the content. It helps you to give the right information to your audience gives you the lot of authority backlinks.

3. Add quotes and interviews

Adding quotes and personal interviews helps you the same as the survey and research. Writing the whole content on the SEO has more credibility to just using the quote.

4. Share case studies

Sharing the whole case studies about the product or services,it will automatically attract the links. If your product or services helped, someone share a whole case studies and reviews also.

5. Create tutorial or step by step guides

Creating the natural links from the content the tutorial or step-by-step guide is easy. You just have to write a step by step guide that are solving various problem that people are facing and you will get natural backlinks from your content.


I’m sure that the above tips will defenitely help you creating authority backlinks for your website. You can learn more techniques with the help of the video below. You can also go through a Digital Marketing Course to know more on this.

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