All New Google Keyword Planner – Best Tool For Keyword Research

So if we talk about the search engines so it needs some preset keywords related to your website. This article is mainly have concern that how keyword planner help you to get more traffic.

Before you go to set a keyword for your website you need to do research and understand what makes a great keyword. If you are preparing your website then you need to know the difference between not so good and good keywords and how you can make quality choice for your niche site. And all things help you to get high ranking.

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Keywords are some words and phrases, used by people in the search engines, GOOGLE, BING, YAHOO, etc.  Some examples of keywords

  • How to increase your website traffic
  • What is SEO
  • What is affiliate marketing

You can see most of the searches are not typed but spoken or voice activated. Ex; “hey google where is chemist shop near me “

What your focus should be is to put your website in front of the people who are searching for terms within your niche, and this can be possible if you have learnt words and phrases that are mostly used by the people in search engines. Simply you need to find out which is more preferable and easiest word or phrase that would get rank with google search.

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Quality keyword means a search term that shows buyer or viewer search intent. There are lots of best and free tools available in the market to keyword research.  Quality keyword should be specific and not too broad and directed towards your topic. Let’s take an example of two keywords and see which would be the quality keywords.

Skin and milk they might be the keywords but not the quality keywords because of their vagueness. If we use how to get fairer skin within 30 days with the use of milk don’t you think they will make good sense? Yes it is because only quality keywords are those that are specific or show a viewer search intent.

Now if your keywords are quality based then definitely they will bring traffic over your website and the number in the traffic column of the keyword tools means the potential monthly visits to your website if your website is ranking good’ this is for the traffic now if we move our attention towards competition then you need to understand quoted search results QSR on the keyword tool that how many websites ranked in the google and for the first page what are desired exact keywords.

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It’s important to have a keyword tool because it can attract targeted traffic, competition, and domain insight into billions of keywords. And you can easily find new unique keywords that can use to drive your search engine optimization.

There is free keywords tools planer online that includes Google’s Keywords planner tool which serves two main purposes for those who wants to have good ranking with the search engines through SEO

There is another technique to plan your best keywords that are Alphabet soup technique it can be worthy and boost your business. This is time saving method you can say because it will reveal hundreds of keywords from A to Z and it will help you to refine keywords according to your website

Keywords planning is one of the most important part in SEO process because this is what you are showing to your audience to click and visit ,and it supposed to be in the first page so that easily reachable for the audience , so learning good keyword planner is an essential step in order to get good traffic over your website .


You are working over your website so you need to manage your keyword list for the future reference to get article ideas, titles or subtitles. So male sure:-

  • Each list should be labelled with website name , domain name ,dash and keyword researched
  • Traffic
  • No of competing sites on google
  • QSR ( quoted search results )

Now you can figure out what are the key points that you need to ensure while planning keywords for your website although there are no of tasks that need to be completed, even daily. Investing 10% in a day definitely bring 100% success rate. Investing such a small amount into tool that can help you reap a great harvest and it will definitely save your time.

Keyword Research is very important in Digital Marketing. You you know how to research for the best keyword for your campaigns than only you’ll be able to get maximum exposure from your online campaigns. There are lots of tools and ways available which can help you to find out best keywords. all you need to do is to learn these methods from some of the professional blogs & YouTube videos. You can also take help from a Professional Digital Marketing Institute for this.

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