Canonical Tags: A Beginners Guide

What is Canonical Tag?

Canonical tags also known as rel canonical is a practice of making search engines understand that a particular URL depicts the duplicity of a page. With the help of this tag it helps in prevention of duplicate or same content on multiple URLs. The googlebots automatically crawls the URL which is original and unique from others URL and displays that type of URL in search engine result pages.

Duplicate content is often executed by many webmaster on their website. Sometimes the same content is being published with multiple URLs by webmaster. But when search engine crawls URLs with duplicity content, it may leads to a problem in SEO. It may lead to lower ranking in search result pages of google due to plagiarism in content and even when you’re content ranks in google then googlebots may select the false URL as original. But with the help of canonicalization, it assists you in controlling duplicate content.

When we place canonical tag on top of the webpage, it gives identification to the search engine about where to find original content within different pages that consists of similar content. Without this tag, it may not be crawl or index which result in lower ranking in search result pages of google. This problem is especially occurred in large retailers who have similar commodity pages.

The canocial tag can be included by adding a link element in head section while writing ‘rel=canocial’ to the head element. It will focus on the web page, which is original and is considered most significant source of content. Search engine will able to crawl your web page with canonical tag and helps to index your specific page instead of duplicate URLs. It is prominent technique in google search engine and most webmaster are adopting this tactics to make their URL index in search result pages.

Here is a brief examples of canonical link:

<link rel=”canonical” href= http://www.(yoursitename).com/category/product</a>

With the helpf of this link, it will bring search engine crawlers with a sense of understanding that which of the specific web page is original and have to be indexed among following URLs. The above code is of HTML language code which must be embed in head section of your webpage which is original. Without this link, google search engines will not index your web URL as it will evaluate your web page is duplicated.

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