Content Creation VS Content Curation

Content is the main part from which visitors are either attracted or deviated from your site. The relevance of content is significant in any type of website which includes blogging, e-commerce product reviews and descriptions. It is a need of an hour for every webmaster to create qualitative content for the sake of high ranking in SERP. Everyone knows that content is the king for their website but managing content requires persistent time and efforts.

Merely creating the content is not enough, but integrating the creation with curation content is an effective technique for driving traffic on your website.

But the main question arises that what is difference between Creation and Curation of content?


When you create your own content to display to your targeted audience by making the content in your own prospective and make them understand in following topic. It is all about creating unique information that reflects your business expertise. The main success of your content creation is when the opinion between you and your readers matches. Some of the advantages and disadvantages are briefly discussed:


• Driving Traffic- The creation of content builds more traffic on your site if your content is fruitful from your reader’s point of view.

• Branding- Enables your content to build brand awareness and reputation in online market by relevant creation of content by building your own voice.

• Descriptive content- Content creation focuses on describing the content to their targeted audience and the approach is invariably descriptive in nature.

• Time-consuming- Though it is an effective approach for the welfare of readers. However, it involves persistent effort and time to create valuable content.

• Costly- By hiring content creator or giving the work to outside vendor for developing content or social media promotion can make costly approach.


Curating the content means to gather information from multiple sources and extracting them on your site to yield unique and informative from others. It comprises the ability to cover all angles of information and makes a clear picture on certain topics. By adding curated content give you a chance to generate leads and displays up-to-date information with latest knowledgeable information.


• Maintaining relationship- Sharing the content which is extracted from multiple sources enables you a chance to build and maintain the relationship between your business and readers. It is a key aspect while working with a analyst or influencer

• Reduces time– Creating your own contents requires time and persistent efforts instead of supplying the content of others with valuable information. Therefore, curated content is much more time saving and simple to execute.

• Strengthening your voice- By integrating the multiple sources of information yields unique voice. The author can even search out your fragments of content that you created and shared them.

• Lack of trust- It must be keep in mind that whenever you are sharing others information, then it must be reliable or trusted source. Else your curated content will be a piece of waste and visitors will not rely on you.

• Illegal- Don’t curates the content unless you have permission from the original source. Though, sharing the content with multiple sources will make uniqueness in your content but often leads to copyright issue.

• Reduction in traffic- When you supply information by sharing link of others site, visitors will land on another site which ultimately results in loss of audience.

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