Enhancing Your SEO With Long Tail Keywords

If you are even slightly introduced to Digital marketing and running a SEO campaign. You must be aware with the highly incorrect misconception among the marketers i.e. Off page SEO and backlinking is everything. SEO is a process that includes several steps. All of these steps hold a significant importance for the better ranking of your website. One of these steps is keyword planning. Keyword is like the base of your SEO campaign and you need to be very accurate while searching your ideal keywords that can help you to grow your Business.

Here are a few reasons that makes Long tail keywords important for SEO:

Interested Customers

One thing that you need to understand is that the more specific and informative or selective your keyword is, the easier it is for you to rank your website and increase relevant traffic to your website. These types of keywords that are much more informative and task selective are known as Long tail keywords. For e.g. “Digital marketing course” is a broad keyword whereas “Digital marketing courses in Delhi NCR” is a long term keyword. Even if someone searches for Digital marketing services, your broad keyword might come up there but your long term keyword will help you to attract the customers that are interested in the course and that too in the Delhi region itself.


Another important factor is that as short and irrelevant the keyword is the more websites are ranking on it. These short and common keywords might be dominated by some top giants in the industry. Therefore for a small Business it is better to start off with the long tail keywords. The traffic on these keywords might be less but it will sufficient enough for your website as you will be able to rank easily on these keywords.

Ranking for the long tail keywords is not a difficult task. The best way is to search out for these long tail keywords and then embedding these keywords into your content keeping in mind the relevancy of the content. You may not know this but you might be ranking on some long tail keywords depending on the content that you have provided on your website and Blog. Google crawls the website and looks out for the relevant keywords to rank it. Getting your website ranked at particular long tail keyword is the best way to ensure better ranking and traffic as compared to common keywords.

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This article is written by Mayank Jain, A Digital Marketer and Content writer. He generally writes about Digital Marketing & making money online. Nowadays, he’s working as a Digital Marketing Manager at Digital Cruise, A Company provides Digital Marketing Course in Delhi.

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