Ethical Hacking: Drawbacks

Ethical hacking is a white hat practice in which hackers protect the networking information against malicious hacker by running penetration testing and intrusive testing. Most of the people has started indulging in another sites and accounts in order to gain potential information and also to sneak in and gather data. Thus form of sneaking is known as hacking. But ethical hacking is quiet different from normal hacking.

But every activity has its darker side and there are some of the disadvantages of ethical hacking which are disseminated worldwide:

1. Ethical Hackers gain knowledge in order to execute hacking activities:

Ethical hackers are hired for the purpose of protecting the confidential information by safeguarding from the breach of malicious hackers. There are some of the information which are secret and private like passwords and other encrypted information. Immoral hackers are the one who extract this information for accessing their information. Ethical hacker also incorporates this type of practices gradually to access all the pertinent information of the enterprise.

2. Enormous security Breach:

Ethical hackers can sometime replicate the process of black hat hackers in the sense that they breach security in order to extract useful information. The practice of extracting essential codes and encrypted data are stolen by the hackers for the purpose of spreading the information worldwide. Ethical hackers may execute this type of practice for making wider reach in market.

3. Disclosing financial and banking details to others:

In a computer world, the need of ethical hackers is evolving for those enterprises that connect their market worldwide. Many renowned companies like facebook, Whatsapp and IBM have hired ethical hackers. But it takes a second to transform from protector to destructor. They have access os confidential information which they may openly disclosed in the market and can tarnish the image of the company.


Ethical hacking is usually done to protect confidential information. But there are various pitfalls of every term. Though, they are certified and professional in their field but they can become a big threat for the enterprise. They have authority to access each and every pertinent information as they want to protect those information, but they also have equal access to do illegal activites and to transform from ethical hackers to unethical hackers!

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