Exactly What Is Ethical Hacking & How It Is Effective

Ethical hacker is someone who systematically attempts to penetrate a computer system or network with permission from its owners for the purpose of finding security vulnerabilities that an unethical hacker could potentially exploit.

So an ethical hacker is a computer and networking expert who will document the issues and offer advice on how to fix the problems if and when vulnerability is found.

With changing technology and techniques, companies are realizing that locking the doors simply isn’t the best way to protect systems instead systems need to be continuously tested to withstand a variety of attacks that evolve as adversities.

Ethical hacking offers a detailed examination and interpretation of organizations information security and protects it from unskilled hackers.

Hackers must scan the weaknesses in the system, test the entry points and then prioritize targets and develop a strategy with optimum utilization of their resources.

As the number of cyber-attacks have increased, so too has the need for ethical hackers and their prominence in business across the globe.

Ethical hackers work with private firms, government to test their network security systems for vulnerabilities and adversities and bugs to prevent an attack from malicious hacker.

Businesses today are faced with challenge of handling hidden vulnerabilities, evolving technologies and complex nature of security systems. Specially trained ethical hackers come to the rescue of businesses while ensuring efficacy of their services as well as confidentiality. Recently many companies have faced cyber-attacks leading to an increasing need of having professional ethical hackers who can protect their network of information.

Banks are major targets and they remain under cyber threats therefore. For example, in India, banks having faced the setback many-a-times are hiring professional help to secure their networks.

Hotels and other industries in the service wing are also under cyber threat .new enterprises may be well prepared for the cyber-attacks but traditional businesses need to understand the importance of ethical hacking

Today, hiring ethical hackers is not mere a matter of choice but has become a need for businesses. Certified ethical hackers (CEH) courses are in high demand in businesses across industries worldwide.

We have to keep in mind that hacking and ethical hacking are different terms. Hacking is a wrongful act under Indian code of law whereas ethical hacking is not so prevalent in India yet is an evolving profession and the demand for ethical hackers is increasing.

India emerged as the third most vulnerable country in terms of cyber threats such as spam, malware etc.

The subject of ethical hacking has not been dealt with explicitly in Indian code of law.

However it enjoyed neutral status under Indian legal system.

Therefore ethical hacking is legal as it stands true on constitutional parameters.

This article is written by Mr. Kishan Soni manager of Future Wings Media that provides Ethical Hacking Course In Delhi and many other professional courses.


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