Google Aim To Rebrand The Ads by Removing The Former Names

Google has made the crucial step to make alteration in the most renowned advertising brands namely Google Adwords, Double click and google analytics 360 suite. According to Sridhar Ramaswamy, the senior vice president, has made clear about the alteration of brand or rebranding of the products as he told that company is getting “consistent feedback” over the couple of years that number of ad products which are combined largely through purchasing is making advertisers in perplex.

Now Google will have three major brands:

1. Google adwords will now be called Google Ads.

2. Google Ad Manager is the new name for advertising platform that merges Double Click ad exchange and DoubleClick for publishers.

3. Google Marketing Platform is now the new brand that merges DoubleClick advertiser and google analytics 360 suite.

Google is rebranding its major advertising products and segregated all of them in three brands. Google has removed the name of Google Adwords to Google ads, Google’s tool to buy the ads with pay per click advertising. The new feature is also added in which there is ‘smart campaign’ feature which helps advertisers to recognize preferred action which includes stores visit, purchases, calls. Google ads can use machine learning to know more about the advertisers.

Google ad manager product which is the integration of DoubleClick ad exchange and DoubleClick for publishers, are the two products which were going to merge for past three years. These two
tools are the monetization tool for publishers.

Another brand now known as Google Marketing Platform which is the integration of DoubleClick advertiser and Google Analytics 360 Suite are the software for buying advertisement. The company is launching display and video 360 which mix the aspects from DoubleClick bid manager, campaign manager and studio and audit center to provide a single alliance for agency, media for working together on ad campaigns.

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