Google Caffeine Update: A New Revamp of Google

What is Caffeine Update?

Google has officially announced this update on August 10, 2009 which has become most significant update in search engine. It is a new web indexing method which allows google to crawl and retrieve data more effective and efficient.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a most prominent technique for any type of business. This tactics is required by bloggers as well business to rank high in search engine result pages. There number of reasons to optimize your website in search engine. As the identification is needed in online market and with the help of SEO, the visibility of your website gets displayed on search result pages. This can be only possible with the help of “keywords” which enables to drive traffic on your website. The importance of keywords in SEO is that if anyone is not able to reach on your site by forgetting your site name, then he or she may write relevant keyword related to the site.

The requirement of web optimization arises when you are running marketing campaign or any online business. Google caffeine update will helps to achieve organic or natural traffic on your site. Organic result means the people those are searching your website with the help of keywords. So, it helps to drive traffic through keywords, therefore the focus on keyword is must for ranking. The user should analyze which keywords have high ranking and create the keywords related to that word. Long tail keywords are often appreciated by google as it is unique and can rank high in google SERP.

How is it useful?

With the help of google caffeine algorithm, you can use manual strategy for web optimization. When you will adopt manual techniques, then it may require loads of things like altering the information from meta tags in coding and other strategies. The other technique to search engine optimization for google caffeine is to build multiple number of backlinks. With the help of backlinks visitors will able to view your website’s link in other web pages and if they like your matter then they may land on your website. It will help you to attain higher ranking in SERP and google will understand the significance of your site by evaluating your multiple number of backlinks in different sites.

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