Google has Officially Launched AI Based “Move Mirror” Feature for Synchronizing Dance Moves

About Move Mirror

Google has rolled out its new machine learning known as “Move mirror” powered by posenet which helps you to match your moves with photos and able to provide you a short GIF for sharing across social networking media. It is a fun way to create GIF by synchronizing your dance moves. This is a type of AI experiment which is known as “move mirror”. It is an artificial learning module which helps us to trace your activities in camera while taking video and makes a GIF by making a bulk of photos depicting a same poses.

It is an artificial intelligence model powered by posenet which trace your movement in camera. For instance if your are dancing on classical music while making video then it will traces the photos which matched your poses and integrated them all together to make GIF. This type of AI module creates your combined photos by observing your activities on camera, examining the activity, identifying and traces the moves with photos. The fascinating feature of this AI feature is that it executes its learning in real time and helps the user to prepare their GIF after completion of their video.

Machine learning powered by posenet will gradually become prominent in market. Though the software has lots of bug and full of faults and the GIF is not pleasing as user expects and it does not trace the movement exactly according to the user. While making photos of your move through camera, it utilizes 80,000 photos from database. Posenet integrates after taking your photos with different angles and makes it in a slideshow format. You can also share your GIF by saving that specific GIF on your mobile devices.

This type of AI algorithm is evolving at its pace and launching bizarre features to seek the attention of customers. The technologies are smart enough in today’s upgraded era and they are able to perform the tasks normally needed human intellectual levels which includes voice recognition, decision-making and translation between different languages. This is type of experiment which google has incorporated and there are list of other experiments like bird sounds, AI duet, semantris, skyknit and much more.

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