How to Build Top Notch Quality Backlinks

Majority of individual thinks that after creating the website it will make them to increase or boost the traffic on your website instantly. But the truth is something bitter. It takes lot of time and persistent efforts to build the website with nominal traffic.

So now the question arise that what are the ways or methods to generate the traffic on your site?

According to my observation, traffic can be generated with the help of high quality backlinks. Backlinks helps to increase the traffic as your links of your own website in other sites will allow user to land on your page if they find something interesting. More and more traffic will helps to rank high in search engine results page in various search engine like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. The success behind your traffic will occur only when you will create high quality backlinks and your site can be ranked in first page of search result page with organic results.

Article directories are the best means to fasten traffic on your site. Building links in quora, article directories and various other blogging site (if they approve) will enable the visitors to divert their interest in your article and will then click on your link to land on your site.

Building 300 to 600 words articles related to the relevant topic related to your site will helps to grow the traffic consistently. There are various sites where you can post your link like Ezinearticles,, ehow, Hubpages, seekingalpha and many more. A short article will make only 30 to 40 minutes of 400 to 500 words article. Start writing the article on famous article directories site with maximum of 4 articles in a day. You will gradually observe that your site’s quality is building high in terms of traffics and high quality content. Maintain the consistency in writing the article as infrequent interval will disable the traffic to increase on your site.

Blogging is another technique to get traffic in your website. Create backlinks in e-commerce sites by commenting on the product in the form of blog. High quality links helps to fasten traffic in your site and requires consistency and persistent efforts. Your blog needs new content on daily basis as visitors wants daily different articles to seek knowledge and wants to get up to date.

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