Importance Of Outbound Links For Your SEO

If you are even slightly into the online or digital marketing, you must understand the importance of back links from the websites. Back links are the links that are pointed towards you from other websites. The more is the number of backlinks the more is the link popularity of the website. A website with better link popularity enjoys more traffic and has a great role in increasing the ranking of the website.

Link Juice

Link juice plays a huge role in the ranking of the website. All he backlinks towards your website adds up to the link juice and thus increasing the ranking. The links from the high authority website provides more link juice as compared to the links from the low authority websites. Backlinks towards our website is known as inbound links and on the other hand the links directing towards the other websites from our websites are known as Outbound links. Outbound links reduces the link juice.

Yet due to the recent updates ion the algorithms, these outbound links can be beneficial for your website. If the outbound link is directing towards a quality website such as Wikipedia, these makes the search engine crawlers think that the website wants to provide its readers with the valuable information and therefore helps in increasing the ranking of the website.

Outbound links can also help you to develop relationships with the other blogs and niches. For e.g. you are linking a website of the similar niche or the blog, than the blogger might notice your content and if finds relevant or informative, may provide you with a link in the post in order to provide their viewers with the information. These types of small things matter a lot while considering the SEO of a website.

Apart from these, link your website to various social media platforms as well. Social media platforms are increasing at a great place and are bound to increase rapidly. These websites are high authority websites and can provide you with the large amount of traffic for your website and help you to increasing your followers simultaneously.

This is why outbound links are equally important for your website as compared to the inbound links in order to increase he link juice and achieve higher rankings.

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