Instagram Marketing: Advantages

About Instagram

Instagram is a social media platform that allows user to share images and videos across world. This platform is mostly useful for business purposes and many businesses are making use of this networking site to triumph in achieving marketing objective. Many small and big enterprises are using this platform to boost income. Most of the enterprises forget about this platform as they think it is a smaller operation with others platform.

Here are some of the benefits and threats of Instagram marketing for your business:

1. More Earning- Instagram is a platform where you can refer your site with your followers. You can also share affiliate links through instagram to those customers who are interested in your products. It enables to do mutual earnings i.e from posting products and through affiliates.

Although, you can publish your post in other social networking sites for seeking more visitors and ultimately growing you business. This platform is specifically essential for small and medium firm to kick start your business.

2. Images yields excellent results- As you all have heard about a quote which states that “One picture can depict thousands of words”. Therefore, posting images related to products can be a big influencer to attract customer for purchasing your products.

Now instagram has enabled a feature through which you can go live and your followers will able to see your real-time activities. Many companies are drawing out advantages from this feature by creating live demos of a product. If you want to earn money, then initially you have to create multiple accounts (atleast five or more) to boost sales.

3. Highly Influencing Platform- Instagram is a platform through which you can influence your existing followers and others by promoting your product and services.

Though, if your product is innovative or not common in the market, then it might be useful for you and your potential customers as many seekers will keen to buy those specific products. If they start liking your product, then they refer your product to others and thus, result is making your business more successful.

4. Product gets viral quickly- Instagram assists businesses to boost your product instantly. It can become viral in a manner as your followers will refer to others and referrals will again refer to others and so on.

It enables your business to go viral and ultimately leads to growth in business. But your products and services should be trustworthy and reliable. Posting fake products will also goes viral and creates negative impact of your brand.

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