Necessity of a Lead Capture Funnel for Running a Successful Facebook Ad

Relevance of Sales Funnel While Running Facebook Ad:

Facebook is a vast community with millions of users on daily basis. It is hard to find the target audience for your Facebook advertisement and more over there is no surety if the audience selected with convert into leads or not. So it is important to understand your customers and engage with them before actually asking them, to buy the product. This is where the sales funnel comes into the picture.

Knowing what lead capture funnels or sales funnels are is important in order to run a successful Facebook Ads campaign. Sales funnel can be divided into three parts: Top, Middle, and Bottom. All three parts serve a different purpose and are equally important to increase the conversion rates.

In the top of the sales funnel, people are unaware about your brand and therefore in this step you introduce your brand to the customers and engaging with them regarding the problem that they are facing and how your brand is a solution to them. Once you have found the audience that are engaging with your Ad, you can retarget them in the middle or bottom of the sales funnel using Facebook pixels.

In the middle of the sales funnel, you have found the audience that are engaging with your brand and advertisement. Now you can remarket your Ad and this time ask them to purchase the product and convert them into the leads as they have already nown your business and are interested in it. There are various categories such as engagementws, traffic, app installs etc. on Facebook Ads manager from where you ca easily select the campaign type. Now in the bottom of the sales funnel are the audience that are interested in the product but haven’t bought it yet. They either have visited your website but are hesitant to buy it yet. So you now retarget them and ask them to buy your product

They have already showed interest in your product and therefore you can select any type of campaign such as conversions, store visit, app download etc. So this how a Facebook sales funnel works and guarantees the success of the Facebook Ad campaign and increased conversion rates.

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