Optimising Your SEO With Content Marketing

For any online website or Business. Content Marketing and SEO are one of the few most common and popular Digital marketing terms. Due to increase in the traffic on online platforms and continuous spamming on your website, Google has strengthen its algorithms in order to remove these spammers and therefore it is focusing more on the quality of the content that is being produced by the webmasters. Let’s discuss more briefly about both the topics.

SEO: Search Engine Optimisation is one of the most important aspects that you need to consider if you are aiming to run a successful business online. SEO is the best way to increase your ranking, traffic on search engines by a series of steps such as building back links etc.

Content Marketing: With the updates in the Google and it’s preference to the original and unique content, the need for unique and original content has increased many folds. Content writing and marketing has become one of the most important parts of running a SEO campaign.

Content Marketing and SEO both moves hand in hand and therefore it a great way to ensure the success of your online Business. Content provides words to your business and therefore it is very important to look out what message you are delivering to your website. Content can be in any form such as Post, video, podcast etc. The type of content determines the purpose and therefore ultimately helps to increase the ranking as well as traffic for your website.

Content For SEO

One of the most important SEO strategies is back linking. Back linking refers to process of getting in bound links for your website from different websites. This helps to increase the referral traffic for your website as well as increase the authority of your website. But getting links is not as easy as it may sound and therefore you need quality content in order to drive links for your website. By submitting this content to other websites in the form of Blog posting and various other ways you can easily get a link back to your website.

Social Media And Content Marketing

Social media may not directly affect your ranking but these platforms such as Facebook, Instagram etc. are considered to be high authority websites and therefore if you are receiving audience from these platforms, this might contribute to increase in the ranking of your website. The content is the most important factor to drive traffic to your social media profile. Creating videos, podcast etc. that are knowledgeable and relatable to the visitor is the most important factor to determine the amount of traffic visiting your website.

This is how both SEO and Content moves hand in hand and therefore making it easier for you to rank your website higher on the search engines.

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This article is written by Neha Aggarwal, internet marketer. Nowadays she is writing articles on Top Ten Institute. She is known for writing interesting blogs on internet/digital marketing.

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