Every starter in the web development have to choose between the PHP and Python who want to make wonderful creative web application.  As both language are both popular and easy for the developer to work. You have to choose between PHP and python, which language suits you better. PHP and Python both have equal benefits and advantages. To help all the beginners here is the list of the various aspect between PHP and Python.


PHP is always been very popular easy versatile to create a dynamic website. PHP gives flexibility to the developer to create a website as per the client or organisation need. PHP is like HTML template having codes. On the other hand, Python gives developer lots of features and flexibility and freedom to the developers for customisations in the websites. Python have more functionality to work on web project.

Language structures

A person who know about the c language can easily adopt a PHP language but the case is change in the python language python have more complex language structures. In python, there are major adjustment in coding and structuring. For example, white blanks are use in place for brackets.

Learning Turn

PHP developer’s team and community is doing a great job by making PHP more easy, versatile and friendly to the web development. In addition, they work on the structure of the coding so that they can use the developers tools to create a web design. On the other hand, python have is tough to understand and it made mistake in formatting, no doubt python have a lot features and advantage to the developers but it’s not good as PHP language. So PHP language have benefits and advantages it has their pros and cons but compare to Python PHP is best for the beginner or new in the web development world. PHP is easy and learnable language than python.

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Tools for debugging and profiling

You will get phlegmatic links for tools from google to debugging the profiles for PHP. It has a great advantage to the PHP developers to get tools easily. This is also the reason why PHP has better than PHP. Python have the rare chances to get the profiling debugging tool easily.

Analysing and tallying the above point. It take us to the decision that the PHP language is better than the python. PHP language is easy whereas python have very complex syntax and coding.

This article is contributed by Ankit Yadav faculty of Future Wings Media that provides PHP Course In Delhi . He have a immense knowledge in this field.

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