Significance of Anchor Text for Complete SEO

Every Business owner and website owner aims at higher ranking on search engines in order to increase the traffic on the website. Due to increased competition, a website has to undergo a lot of SEO strategies to succeed. Anchor text is one of the best way to conduct a successful SEO but if not done properly, it can also lead to decrease the traffic on the website.

Anchor text can be described as the visible text that appears on the browser instead of the links as well. Before the penguin update was released, Google used these text to determine the relevancy of the website but now it uses them to check for the over optimization and other factors that might lead to penalty on the website. Thus it is important to understand the unique relation between both the Google and Anchor text.

Here are some different types of Anchor texts used by different marketers to improve SEO:

Partial match: It refers to the use of only keyword that is targeted for the ranking.

Complete match: It refers to using the exact same in the text as well as that in the link.

Branded: It contains the name of the Brand

Naked: These anchors link back to the website using the URL.

Keeping It Versatile

Google gives priority to both links as well as Anchor texts. Links are supposed to be placed in such a way that they are resourceful to the user and provide them the useful and important information.

Anchor Relevancy

Google has been putting more focus on user experience these days than anything else and therefore it is important for webmasters to provide relevancy in the Anchor text that they present to the viewers. The Anchor text should be relevant to the link and the content provided to the viewer.

One should understand that over focusing on a particular thing can also be harmful and thus you should try avoiding excessive use of keywords in your website. Keeping the Anchor text simple and relevant to the content provided via link is the best and simplest way to utilize them to help in SEO of the website.

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