Steps for Defining The Stages of Marketing Funnel

Marketing funnel is based upon turning the visitors into prospective candidate through different ways of marketing practices. Most of the marketers now know the significance of their target audience for their business. The sole purpose of each marketer is to find buyers and insist them to purchase your products and services.

The marketing funnel comprises of stages through which customers passes through to become prospects. Here are each steps discussed briefly:

1. Awareness Stage:

This is the first stage in which your prospects becomes aware that they have difficulty and finds the solutions for the same. It starts with analyzing the prospect’s goals by determining possible solutions. Prospects get to know about your brand as well your company. The customers must be attracted by different values of the products. Therefore, the product must yield values in the minds of customers. Provide details of your website to make them aware of what your site is about.

2. Consideration Stage:

When any customers get to know about your site and proceed further to consideration stage, more understanding relationship is built with your customer. In this stage they will show interest in your products and services and the potential customer wants to know more about your company. You may able to understand customers in detail in this stage and you will able to provide useful insights about your company to customers.

3. Conversion:

It is the conversion stage through which you have to insist your potential customer to purchase your product and services. As customer knows the values of your products and your company, therefore you should focus on advantages your product while explaining to your customers and to tell why your product is superior than your competitor’s product. It is the crucial stage for you to convert your prospective customer into lead.

4. Loyalty:

When your potential customers become your leads then it is necessary to devise for building loyalty. IF you have not created proper plan and procedure, then your persistent efforts in former stage will be in vain and thus, results in reducing your prospects. Building trust and reliability is based upon customer’s feedbacks or reviews about products. Positive ratings and reviews will increase your credibility as well as reputation in the market.

5. Advocacy:

In this stage the customers will become your permanent members and will increase your brand awareness through word-of-mouth marketing. They become recent customers who bought from your site and more likely willing to purchase repetitively. They will increase your recognition in the market and makes it easy for you to execute persistent efforts.

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