Top 3 Mobile Marketing aspects which Small business wants to Understand

The mobile phone has become a pivotal part in online world. Mobile marketing have been gradually increasing in online world and it is essential for small business to understand the importance of various tools and techniques which might built their targeted audience. Savvy marketers are realizing the concept of mobile marketing and making various tool and strategies in order to make them popular and therefore generating profits.

Whether we accept it or not, the buzz of mobiles are acquiring all over the world and their appropriate features and convenient applications are dominating the trends of mobile marketing. With the help of appropriate techniques you can understand the extent of your customer using mobiles phones. You can gain some advantage through mobile marketing by making some strategies to acquire the market which makes your business monetize.

Here are 3 methods of mobile marketing through which you can manipulate your potential customers:

1. Snapchat Marketing:

Snapchat, most renowned a photo and video sharing platform with its distinctive features leads to domination in the market. According to Australia Bureau of statistics, more than 2 million active users are suing snapchat per day which means that on and average more than 80 million users are operating this platform annually.

If you want to promote your product through this platform, then your decision will might make you to monetize your business. Snapchat is most popular in the age group of 18-25 and is used by teenagers and youth adult crowd. For instance the promotion of Rio Olympics had been advertised in all platforms like facebook, whatsapp, snapchat as well as instagram. The people those are not aware of this Olympics gets to know via social networking platforms.

2. YouTube: Broadcast yourself

If we talk about youtube, then it has been evolved in an online market. Many webmaster are creating paid campaigns in youtube to seek the interest of audience. According to study, more than 4 billions of active users and more than half of the views generated arise from mobile devices. Small business can gain some benefits with the help of this prominent tool.

By creating channel on youtube you can make your own videos related to your products and services. If you want to execute your ads via YouTube, then you may run paid campaign on youtube by showing ads to the visitors before starting of any video. The ads can be skipable as well as non-skipable. Non- skipable ads require greater budget as compare to skipable ads.

3. SMS Advertising:

More than 65% of users are engaged in text advertising on their smartphones. SMS marketing is an old approach for attracting the customers with attractive messages. SMS marketing is more effective as it is personal and instant and up to the point. It benefits for small business by higher open , conversion rates as well as affordable.

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