Top 4 Ways to Expand your Snapchat followers

Snapchat is a social networking platform deals mainly with sharing photos and videos across world. The feature which makes this platform unique is its 10 second window feature. With the help of this feature, you can share photos and videos to others publicly on snapchat and it will automatically get disappear after 24 hours. If user wants to see the particular image then he or she has to tap on that that story continuously to stop the time duration.

Snapchat is most effective way to advertise your product and services. Though, this platform has not become much popular than others but gradually some of the savvy marketer are realizing the importance of this platform. Therefore, to acquire more followers and to build audience.

Here are some basic guides which may help you in achieving objectives:

1. Connect your Snapchat account with your website:

If you have any blogging site related to the products then make sure to add social sharing button of snapchat to build your audience on this platform. This can be done by adding snapcode in your area of website by linking your logo. It enables visitors to scan the snapcodes from web or mobile to add them.

2. To make email-subscribers know about your Snapchat profile:

It helps to build an audience by sending email to list of email subscribers by composing the message to add on snapchat. Make your snapcode available in email newsletter. This will help you in picking up new followers every time when you send email.

3. Add friends from snapchat:

You can add friends from snapchat by tapping on your avatar and thereby clicking on “add friends”. Your entire contact person those are operating snapchat will able to see your notifications of your friend request. If they accept your request then it means that you are connected with your friends and can share images and videos with them.

In case of business owner containing database of customer with mobile numbers then you can transfer your database on your mobile device and can send request for adding your snapchat account.

4. Building up with Motivaters:

You can make alliance with motivators from your industry to expand your followers by making them aware of your existence of snapchat account. The way to find influencer is to find those one who have same amount of friends as in your account. For instance if you have 100 friends and each friends have 1000 more friends then they will not get interested.

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