Understanding Modern SERP’s for Better Ranking

Initially the search engines were quite naive and didn’t understand the intent of the user. The words written in the search pages were directly matched with the anchor texts and links and then the results were shown to the customers. This way spammers took the advantage and leveraged customers to irrelevant pages.


But with the introduction of new algorithms and regular updates, Google has been laying more emphasis on the user experience and demands and thus matching keywords is no more the sole reason for better ranking on the search engines. So it is important for the webmasters and content marketer to understand what it is that the search engines priorities and can help them in increasing their rankings.

Impact Of Google “Penguin Algorithm”

With the introduction of Penguin algorithm and regular updates by the Google, a lot of websites see a drop in ranking. One of the main reasons for the drops is usually the lack of relevancy in the content provided and marketed. Therefore it is important to understand the serps before working on them.

Google also aims to provide the solution of the search query to the user as quickly as possible and this also affects a lot in the way the search engines rank and provides search results to the user. For e.g., if someone searches for the shoe dealers, then he is most likely to find the results for the local dealers and not the dealers from far off places.

One thing for sure is that Google has been constantly updating and evolving in order to provide better and relevant searches to the users and understand the complexity behind every search query to identify the intent and deliver results accordingly. So in order to ensure top ranking for your website, a webmaster has to master the skills of understanding what the user demands and keep up with regular updates by the Google. One cannot ensure the top ranking always, but what matters is the traffic that you are receiving on your website as there could be a lot more reasons for drop in your website ranking other than the traffic issues.

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