Usage And Importance Of Ethical Hacking

Ethical hacking or white hat hacking is trying to get access of someone else computer and cyber system but legally with the motive to detect the loopholes present so that they can fix it. Here, you have to focus on one term which is used in above definition is ‘legally’. Here, ethical hacker would must have the authority letter for whom you are working. Without it, that person will known as unethical or black hat hacker. Authority letter is a written document which must consist of permission of penetrating the computer and cyber system and they are doing for the safeguarding the data of the organization.

The usage of ethical hacking is getting increased day by day to safe the data from the malicious kind of person. The work of ethical and unethical hacking is same but the only difference is objective. Unethical hacking is prohibited under the law and is the rigorous punishment is assigned for them. They snatch the data via virus present in the computer. They transmit them the important data which the company would not like to share with anyone. And everyone has the ‘right to privacy’ which no one has the right to violate such important fundamental of the country. So, keeping this in mind, this is the offensive crime which is highly punishable. They misuse the data and take the advantage of such important information.

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Ethical hacking is important where the company have confidential data which they don’t want to share with anyone then they have to appoint the best certified ethical hacker who can take serious measures and reduce the threat of vulnerability of their data being hacked. They have the obligation to mend the loopholes in the cyber system and protect it. They have to find the open door of the system which has the possibility of becoming entry gate for the malicious mind of person.

Ethical hacking consists of various measure which can be used in preventing the data loss. So, it is not mandatory for anyone to appoint the ethical hacker but the security lies into your hands. So, if you think your system is vulnerable to any threat then appoint the best ethical hacker who can effectively cope with such problem.

Author of this article is Neha Aggarwal content writer and currently she is working for Future Wings Media that provides that provides Ethical Hacking Training In Delhi.

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