What are The Problems Faced by Businesses While Hiring a New Content Writer?

What is Content Marketing ?

Content marketing is marketing that involves crafting of content and sharing them on online platforms for the purpose of stimulating interest in specific product and services. Content writing is acquiring its platform in online market and many enterprises are hiring a new content writer for the purpose of generating leads as well as to make their visibility in google’s search engine result pages. The importance of writers is evolving in social media platforms, blogging, e-commerce sites and so on.

A new writer lacks certain skills and abilities to flourish the business in future. As they do not acquire experience as compare to professional and certifies content writer. If you are establishing your small business with tight budget, then in my opinion you may hire a new writer for your work as you may not handle your other work.

Here are some drawbacks of hiring a new writer for your content writing:

Lack of Experience:

You may hire a new writer for your business but you cannot expect qualitative content from them as they are not professional. They are newbies and cannot completely understand the concept of content marketing, Hiring of new writer are mostly preferred by those enterprises who does not have enough budget to spend on certified content writers.

Lacking knowledge in the field of content marketing:

When you are hiring a new content writer then it might cause trouble for you as they have bit knowledge in content marketing. A new writer is trying to read the behavior of audience and learning what type of content is beneficial for ranking in search engine. Writing qualitative content in order to generate traffic as well as ranking in search engine requires persistent efforts and experience.

Degraded Sources and Research:

A new content writer does not have appropriate source of information for the content they are required. Many writers are just rewriting the content by researching on specific topic which is not correct means of doing the work.

Some of them copy-paste the content or execute the spinning method with poor quality spinners tools to create content. The sole purpose of every business in the field of online marketing is that to provide original and unique content in front of target audience, but a new writer generally lacks in offering professionalism in the market.

A Threat of losing leads:

Your content may lose your audience interest and they may deviate from your site to other site which results in losing engagements. It may totally affect your ranking ability in google search engine result pages. Try to explore affordable content writer with fundamental knowledge of content marketing.

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