What is the Importance of Image in Content Marketing

Meaning of  Content Marketing?

Content marketing is a technique through which you can target audience by the manner of establishing, posting and making available by dispensing the content. This practice is often used by many enterprises and they even hire a professional content writer for making unique and fresh content for their business. It also involves sharing videos as well as social media posts in which the aim is not to promote a brand but to deviate interest in their existing products and services.

According to facebook study, Significance of images has become an essential need of an hour. Effect of photos on user engagement disclosed that the specific posts along with images saw an average of 55% more likes and 90% more links instead of text- only content. The impact of images is playing a crucial role in content market. In general, the posts along with images has been seen 130% more engagement rather than without photo posts.

After the advent of Smartphone and mobile devices, the applications with images such as Snapchat and Instagram has saw an ample amount of downloads instead of other social networking sites. Till 2013, Instagram has been seen a gradual increase of downloads with nearly 30% which leads to 80 million active users per day. If we talk about snapchat, a top-notch downloaded photo app had been evaluated 68 million daily active users on May, 2014.

The mindset of every people in the market is that they want a picture of particular product before buying. Text based content is usually rejected and people does not bother their importance of product irrespective of their high quality features. People are most often engaged with a product along with photos or images.

Some of the key aspects I have discussed in my article for your company triumph:

1. Don’t use Bulk photos:

Stock photos are often avoided and most of the customers gets more involved to a brand if that particular images shows live experiences with product and services. Some of the company does not have enough supplies for design team. Freelance designers or artists can make your images alluring enough and can be efficient in terms of money.

2. Develop Your Brand:

The awareness of brand expands at great pace rather than their name or logo. It will happen in a manner with the help of publishing in social media platform and creating email campaign by putting images as it can yield expansion and reputation in the market. Your brand will get recognized with images which yield qualitative and alluring. The standards if gets matched with standing banners, and video demonstration can built reputation and validity of business.

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