Boston Officers Rescue Father and Son Floating on Cooler

When a father and son’s fishing boat hit rocks out from Boston Harbor, their lives were saved in part thanks to their desire for some liquid libations on board.

While the headline sounds like a barrel of laughs, 15 minutes of frigid Atlantic waters almost caused the pair to enter hypothermia.

Two officers from the Boston Harbor police unit were on patrol when they got the call about a sinking ship.

When they arrived on the scene, all that could be spotted bobbing about was a turquoise cooler, on which were dangling a pair of life-preservers.

The whole rescue was caught on the officers’ body cameras, during which the son requests that the police help his father up before himself.

Again, what appears in the video to be a simple act of pulling oneself onto a boat belies the fact that the simple act of recruiting muscle fibers becomes extremely difficult since cold transmitted through water immersion chills the body 25x faster than air.

Both men are no worse for wear for their time at sea, and the cooler was presumably saved and set aside for the next time they cast off.